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Bananas – Plentiful And Perfect For All Mealtimes

Bananas are my go-to food when I need to eat but don’t have much time, when I’m hungry but not hungry enough for a full meal, when I’m starving but need to exercise first and finally when I want a bit of decadence.  In all these scenarios eating a banana simply does the trick.  It really is the perfect mini meal.

An instant energy surge

Bananas are full of natural sugars – glucose, fructose and sucrose and these not only give that much needed instant boost but also release sugars and energy throughout the course of the day.

Great to eat raw…

I think we all have our favourite ‘stage’ to eat a banana.  Mine is when there are still slightly green bits on the skin so it’s a little chewy almost.  This texture is also perfect for making curries with.  Simply add green chillies, ginger, garlic, turmeric and salt to a tin of coconut milk – about a teaspoon of each.  simmer for 15 minutes and then chop in the semi ripe bananas.

…and super soft

My daughter always wants to buy bananas that are almost black.  She knows this is when they are at their sweetest and mashed into porridge or yoghurt make a great breakfast.  Super soft bananas are also perfect for banana breads and cakes.   We like to make simple Banana Cupcakes ….

banana, cupcake

Simple Banana Cupcakes

… and Mini Banana Loaf Cakes loaded with oats for our ‘rushing around’ days.

banana, oats, loaf cake

Mini Banana and Oat Loaves

Ultimately incredibly indulgent!

As healthy as they are, bananas are also a rich source of decadence in our household.  Take these Butterscotch Bananas for example.  An treat on pavlova or even on some sourdough toast for something more instant.

banana, pavlova, meringue

Chocolate Pavlova with Butterscotch Bananas

What is your go-to food? Do you have a favourite banana recipe?