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Obsessing Over Onion Breath

I felt rather sad for the onion this week.  I was in a falafel shop ordering my lunch. As part of the salad there are onions and as I was returning to work after lunch I asked the young man to leave them out.  I didn’t want to be smelly (or indeed make smells!).  He looked at me with disapproval.  I looked at him back with guilty acknowledgement.  The falafel salad was delicious but I didn’t enjoy it. I missed the onion.


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Can you ever be confident of having no onion breath? 

I spent the rest of my lunch hour researching what would eliminate onion breath. First up was chewing parsley. I’ve heard that it acts as ‘nature’s natural breath cleanser’ but have never tried this.  I made a simple Tomato and Onion Salad in the evening and munched on parsley after dinner.  It almost worked but I concluded don’t like chewing parsley.

Another suggestion was to chew a citrus peel.  This is slightly more accessible in a work environment because satsumas and clementines are so easy to buy.  But again, this really did not taste great.  I love citrus but chewing the bitter peel was unpleasant and soured the whole experience making me feel resentful for eating the onion in the first place.

A final suggestion was to rinse with lemon water made with equal parts of water and lemon juice.  I don’t think this is very practical but must admit it did work and tasted much better than the other two solutions.

Making amends to the onion

I concluded that this lemon water would be my go to remedy in case of emergency at work or a wedding.  It would be perfectly acceptable to walk into a meeting with a glass of cloudy water and pass it off for lemonade and I’m sure any self respecting catering establishment would not mind me walking into their kitchen asking for a glass of fresh lemon juice.  Perfect resolution.

In the meantime I made amends to the onion and saluted the clever lemon with a simple, no-onion-breath side dish that I may go back and share with the falafel place.  It takes no time at all and looks so vibrant and pretty, I’m sure all his customers would approve.

Pretty Pink (No-Onion-Breath) Onions

Simply take two red onions, peel and then slice them into thin strips.  Place them into a bowl, pour over some boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.  Drain and then mix with the juice of one lemon and season with salt to your taste.  You could also add herbs to add another layer of flavour.  Fresh thyme works well and dried roasted coriander seeds also are marvellous.

Pretty Pink No Onion Breath Onions

Pretty Pink No Onion Breath Onions

More more ideas with onions, take a look at my Pinterest board.

Do you have any tried and tested remedies for getting rid of onion breath?