the immature fruit of a vegetable marrow, in particular one of a variety developed for harvesting and eating at an early stage of growth

Courgettes at the allotment

Courgettes in my allotment – Summer 2013

Courgettes (also called Zuchinni in America) are 90% water, low in calories and fat and packed with vitamins A and B.

They come in green and yellow varieties though I have also seen white ones like mini marrows.  They  have beautiful flowers which can also be used for cooking – stuff them with herby cream cheese for example and fry them in a llittle tempura batter. YUMMMMM!

They are so versatile to use because they work well griddled, fried, baked, roasted, steamed or even raw.

Recipes using courgettes

Courgette related posts

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