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Santa’s Having Salted Caramel This Year

“Do you think Santa watches Bake Off Mummy?” said my youngest the other day.  I wasn’t really sure how to answer that so I obliged with “Of course he does. Someone has to bring Paul a present don’t they?” She laughed but pressed on. “So do you think like Mary and Paul Santa gets a bit sick of eating mince pies all the time? I mean he must eat millions Mummy! Just like all those scones you had to make for Paul”. What if they have soggy bottoms? Does he spit them out?” I reassured her that he didn’t because he loves all things children bake but must confess she had a point.

I asked her what she thought we should make instead. She pondered a while and then remembered I had made some caramel dipping sauce for a friend recently and she decided that Santa was not likely to get that at the bottom of a chimney from anybody and we should go with that.  “It would be good for dipping carrots into as well!”, she said.

An interesting choice from a 9 year old I must admit but then again her favourite people on TV are Simon Hopkinson and Tom Herbert.

So dear Santa, I hope you fancy a bit of caramel and a few chocolate Madelines by the time you get to our chimney and that it makes a change from all the mince pies!  Happy Christmas Eve!

Salted Caramel Sauce with Chocolate Madelines

Luscious Caramel Sauce

What do you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve? Does he eat every little bit?