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Sunday Spotlight : Cocoa Runners

I was recently invited to learn about a new chocolate delivery service called Cocoa Runners.

A box from cocoa runners contains tasting notes, specially selected bars from artisan chocolate makers around the world

A box from cocoa runners contains tasting notes, specially selected bars from artisan chocolate makers around the world

This is no ordinary delivery service

The concept is pretty simple.  You choose to pay monthly or quarterly, or indeed as a one off treat, and receive a box of chocolates.  But unlike some others, the box fits through your letterbox and thoughtfully the company only posts on Mondays and Tuesdays and so the box isn’t going to sit in some hot (or cold) sorting office over a weekend.  I love this attention to detail. It’s been well thought through by someone so your purchase arrivals in the best possible condition.

The chocolate is by no means ordinary chocolate

Like coffee and wine have done, chocolate is undergoing a bit of a revolution.  ‘Bean to bar’ and ‘single origin chocolate’ have entered our vocabulary and we are starting to describe chocolate with adjectives synonymous with wine – ‘fruity’, ‘earthy’, ‘raw’, ‘smooth’, ‘astringent’.  All the chocolate from Cocoa Runners has been carefully sourced from small chocolate makers who have a direct relationship with the farmers of the beans.  This direct trade cuts out the middleman and makes sure the farmer gets a fair price.

Carefully selected artisan chocolate makers

Cocoa beans and chocolate and grown and nurtured in the same way as coffee and wine. The condition of the soil, the weather and also the farmer him/herself can impact the final bar of chocolate we eat.  And exactly like wine and coffee, the way these raw materials are crafted can make a huge difference to the taste.

Cocoa Runners commit to bringing you chocolate from artisans around the world that are united in the care and attention they use to make their chocolate.  Many even hand stamp each chunk and hand wrap each bar in beautifully crafted paper.

There is in depth information about each chocolate maker so you can get a real feel for who you are buying from and supporting.

chocolate, cocoa runners

A wide range of flavours to start your chocolate tasting journey

I was blown away by the research Cocoa Runners have conducted to launch chocolate bars that are difficult to find on the high street.  They are still at the fledgling stages of their own journey but I welcomed the opportunity to give them feedback and admired the experience they have leveraged within each other to launch this business.

Thank you to the team for my induction and for kick starting my chocolate adventure with Raaka 75% Dark Madagascan Chocolate.  It was just what was needed for the 3pm energy slump at work and perfect with my glass of red wine in the evening.