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Mango Madness!

I am a big fan of mangoes.  I really big fan.

Not the rubbishy red things you get in the supermarkets all year round but the luscious, sweet and scented Indian varieties that have been stacked by the boxful in Asian and Chinese grocery stores over the last couple of months……

Perfect Indian Mangoes

Perfect Indian Mangoes

Now there are lots of healthy reasons why you should eat these gems.  Here are a just a few…

1. They are rich in fibre. 1 medium sized mango will give you around 5g of fibre.  This is great news for me as I tend to eat a boxful in season so that’s my 25g RDA done in one sitting!

2. They are good for your eyes.  I had eye surgery to correct short sightedness some years ago so am very prone to dry eyes.  Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A which is useful for good eye health.

3. The humble mango is a wonderful skin cleanser.  It helps clean out clogged pores and gets rid of spots. How brilliant is that?

Great recipes sweet and savoury

The best part for me is eating the bits left on the stone.  I could spend hours making sure the last little part of the flesh is eaten.  Which is the perfect thing to do when this lovely and simple Mango Tart is in the oven :-)

Quick and Easy Mango Tart

Quick and Easy Mango Tart

Or just pile them high on a layer of Chocolate Eggless Sponge Cake.

Chocolate Sponge with Mangoes

Mangoes work really well with savoury dishes too.  Try a Pan Fried Fish Fillet with some Mango and Chilli Salsa.  This recipe is from Laura Santtini’s Flash Cooking.

Mango Salsa works well with fish

How do you eat your mangoes?